South American Meeting on the follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children

Asunción (Paraguay) 28 April 2011 - The Sub-Regional meeting of follow up to the UN Study on Violence against Children in South-America was held in Asuncion, Paraguay, on 28 and 29 of April. Co-organized by the SRSG Office with the Global Movement for Children Chapter of Latin America and Caribbean and the Government of Paraguay, the meeting was recognized of "national interest" by a Paraguayan Presidential Decree and attended by high level governmental delegations, by a wide spectrum of civil society organizations, as well as by children and adolescents from countries in the region.

The high level discussions were informed by the findings of a regional analytical mapping conducted by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on key developments and most pressing challenges at the national level, as well as good practices and strategic recommendations to advance the process of protection of children from all forms of violence. The meeting adopted a political declaration and a strategic roadmap to guide future actions and to serve as a monitoring tool for the periodic review of progress to be conducted within MERCOSUR and at the national level.