SRSG Reports


Reports to the United Nations General Assembly

2021 - A/76/224

2020 - A/75/149

2019 - A/74/259

2018 - A/73/276

2018 - A/73/265 - Report of the Secretary-General on protecting children from bullying

2017 - A/72/275  

2016 - A/71/206 

2016 - A/71/213 - Report of the Secretary-General on protecting children from bullying

2015 - A/70/289

2014 - A/69/264

2013 - A/68/274

2012 - A/67/230

2011 - A/66/227

2010 - A/65/262

Reports to the Human Rights Council

2021 - A/HRC/46/40

2020 - A/HRC/43/39

2019 - A/HRC/40/50

2018 - A/HRC/37/48

2017 - A/HRC/34/45

2016 - A/HRC/31/20

2015 - A/HRC/28/55

2014 - A/HRC/25/47

2013 - A/HRC/22/55

2012 - A/HRC/21/25 - Joint report on violence against children within the juvenile justice system

2012 - A/HRC/19/64

2011 - A/HRC/16/56 - Joint report on accessible and child-sensitive counselling, complaint and reporting mechanisms 

2011 - A/HRC/16/54

2010 - A/HRC/13/46

2009 - A/HRC/WG.7/1/CRP.7

Thematic reports

The private sector and the prevention of violence against children in Latin America and the Caribbean

Violence prevention must start in early childhood

Celebrating childhood: a journey to end violence against children

Protecting children from armed violence in the community

Ending the torment: tackling bullying from schoolyard to cyberspace

Safeguarding the rights of girls in the criminal justice system

Why Children’s Protection from Violence should be at the Heart of the Post-2015 Development Agenda - A Review of Consultations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Releasing Children's Potential and Minimizing Risks - ICTs, the Internet and Violence against Children

Toward a world free from violence - Global survey on violence against children

Promoting Restorative Justice for Children

Safe and child-sensitive counselling, complaint and reporting mechanisms to address violence against children

Prevention and Responses to Violence against Children within the Juvenile Justice System

Protecting children from harmful practices in plural legal systems - with a special emphasis in Africa

Tackling Violence in Schools: Bridging the Gap between Standards and Practice

Political Commitments by Regional Organizations and Institutions to prevent and Address Violence against Children