#CovidUnder19: Fulfilling children’s right to be heard for a participatory response to the pandemic

The Office of the SRSG-VAC and CSO partners invite children everywhere to participate in this poll by texting HERE C19 : we want to know how COVID19 is affecting YOU.


WHYCovid-19 is affecting every human being in one way or another and in many fronts, including their health and education, as well as socially and economically. Even though children are not, medically-speaking, amongst the most vulnerable, it is clear that the pandemic is having profound and long-term consequences on children’s lives. Some 90% of the world’s children are out of school. Conditions of confinement and stress exacerbate risks of violence in the home.  For households with internet access, the digital environment provides an opportunity to connect with friends and learn, however it also harbours significant risks, such as susceptibility to online abuse.

The Office of the Special Representative has joined #CovidUnder19, a collective initiative that aims to bring together children, child human rights activists, experts and other key stakeholders, to work together in understanding what children are experiencing due to Covid-19 and involving children in developing responses to these issues. A goal of #CovidUnder19 is to create spaces for children across the globe to be meaningfully involved in the discussions around issues triggered by the COVID19 pandemic and contribute towards shaping the post-COVID19 world.

The first step of  #CovidUnder19to meet this objective is a global effort to collect children’s experiences and views on how their lives have been affected by COVID-19 through a questionnaire developed with children for children. In order to better reach children, this questionnaire is available in different platforms: a shorter version with specific focus on child protection, and a long version focusing on a broad range of rights.


  1. Collect and amplify children’s views and voices
  2. Promote children’s awareness of their rights and ability to claim their rights
  3. Empower children

The Short version

The short version of this questionnaire is available through UNICEF’s U-Report, and addresses protection (including online), peer to peer experiences, and children’s concerns about the future (*Questions can be found at the end of this post). The poll targets adolescents and youth 13 – 24, and is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic from June 18 until July 8.

And how does U-Report work? Simple. User can access the questionnaire directly through WhastApp, Facebook messenger or Viber:

  • WhatsApp: Text C19 to this number: +66 800 249 442
  • Facebook Messenger: Text C19 here: http://m.me/UReportGlobal 
  • Viber: Follow ‘U-Report’ Public Account - Go to Discove, text C19

When accessing the questionnaire, you will be asked to choose one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French or Arabic, as well as your  age, gender and country. You can opt out of U-Report whenever you want by texting QUIT. Poll results will be available in real time between in ureport.in

The Long Version

The long version of the questionnaire, developed by the Queens University of Belfast (QUB), polls children ages 8 – 18, on a broad range of child rights being affected by Covid-19.

The poll has different links for different languages, all which can be found in the following website

We invite you to follow


U-Report questions

(the U-Report questionnaire includes referral information to Child Help International helplines at the beginning and at the end of the poll)

  • Since coronavirus started, have your friends been able to help you when you needed emotional / personal support or advice? Y/N
  • Have any of your friends reached out more to you for emotional or personal support? Y/N
  • All children have the right to feel safe and live free from all forms of violence. Since coronavirus started, how safe do you feel? More / Less / Same as before
  • We hear a lot from news reports that people are having more negative experiences online. Do you think children and young people are having more or less negative experiences online during Coronavirus? More / Less / Same as before
  • (Only to those who answer more) Which of the following do you think has increased the most? Cyberbullying / Harassment / Unwanted contact / Inappropriate content / Hate Speech
  • All children should be safe from all forms of violence. Do you know who or where to ask for help if needed? Y / N
  • After this crisis is over, which one of the following do you look forward to doing? Help my family / Help my peers / Get involved with groups or communities / Take civic actions / None
  • Are you worried about the future? Y/N
  • What specifically worries you most about the future? Not being safe / Not seeing my friends / Not going back to school / Not being able to graduate / Other
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell world leaders?

We are counting on you!

Message for children and young people Special Representative Maalla M'jid

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