Global progress

The agenda of the Special Representative has been guided by three strategic priorities:
1. Accelerating implementation of SDG Target 16.2 and other related SDGs
2. Ensuring that all forms of violence are included in the implementation of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development
3. Amplifying the voices of children

To achieve these goals, the Special Representative has worked at global, regional and national levels on enhancing awareness and consolidating knowledge around the protection of children from violence including through field missions, expert consultations and the development of thematic reports on key areas of concern; strengthening of partnerships within and beyond the UN system; institutionalizing cooperation with regional organizations and institutions; promoting and monitoring of progress to strengthen children’s protection and move towards the elimination of all forms of violence, including through the design and implementation of a national policy agenda on violence against children, the enactment and enforcement of legislation to ban all forms of violence and safeguard children’s protection, and the consolidation of data and research.