Cooperation with regional organizations and institutions has been a cornerstone of the Special Representative’s strategy to accelerate progress in protecting children from violence. Regional organizations and institutions are strategic allies, and their cooperation with the Special Representative has helped place violence against children at the centre of the regional policy agenda, while enhancing the accountability of States and supporting national implementation efforts.

The Special Representative has hosted with regional partners high-level consultations in the Central and South American, Caribbean, South Asian, Pacific, European and Arab regions. Six regional monitoring reports have been issued and periodic review meetings have been held to sustain and accelerate progress.

As a result, regional political commitments and implementation road maps have been adopted, and a new generation of regional action plans on violence against children is being developed in line with the 2030 Agenda. In turn, these efforts have translated into the strengthening of national legislation and public policies, the consolidation of data and research, and the promotion of campaigns to mobilize support.

To further promote this process, the Special Representative organizes an annual high-level cross-regional round table with regional organizations and institutions. This forum has become a strategic mechanism within the United Nations to engage in policy dialogue, share knowledge and good practices, promote cross-fertilization of experiences, enhance synergies, identify trends and pressing challenges, and join forces to strengthen children’s safety and protection.