Brasil adopts landmark decision to promote child upbringing free from violence

New York, 5 June 2014 - The Brazilian Senate approved a new law prohibiting all forms of corporal punishment against children.

"With this historic decision, Brazilian children can grow up in safety and in a protective environment, and violence can be made part of a distant past" said SRSG Santos Pais. "I wholeheartedly welcome the adoption of this new law. It marks a turning point in Brazil's efforts to safeguard children's rights and it also gains a decisive global relevance. Indeed, with the enactment of this legislation, the percentage of the world’s children protected by a legal ban on all forms of violence will increase from 5% to 8%!" highlighted the Special Representative.

A crucial priority in global efforts to prevent and eliminate violence against children, the legal protection from violence is gaining ground around the world, with other 38 countries having included a full prohibition in their national legislation.