Children's Declaration presented at the Sub-Regional Meeting for Follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children in the Caribbean - Jamaica

Kingston (Jamaica) 15 May 2012 - Today, we the delegates present to you our declaration first because we would like to think of it as strategy to get you to listen to what we have to say before you formulate the plans you have for us. This would further concrete the reason as to why you are here to first ask us what we think as opposed to you planning and deciding and then asking. Therefore we would like to present our points and hope that our voices won’t be left in this conference room.

The Caribbean community, uniting to hear our voice and our views on the issues that are affecting us, is deemed a remarkable effort in bringing forth greatness to the region. However, hearing the voice of all children who are severely affected through the cruel acts of abuse is being hindered. We are here today, as a united force that stands up for ourselves and other children who are being neglected and exploited and mistreated through unjustifiable reasons. The children that have become an outcast within our society are robbed of their true self-worth, dignity and pride. They need to be guided on a path that is healthy and nurturing, therefore empowering them and ensuring they have a sense of well-being. We need to ensure children are fully equipped, will all the resources they need so they do not stray to find those resources. (...) 

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