League of Arab States meets in Doha, Qatar, to review progress in follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children

Doha (Qatar) 26 October 2011 - The SRSG participated in the meeting organized by the Follow up Committee on Monitoring the Implementation of the Recommendations of the UNSG's Study on Violence against Children that also counted on the participation of representatives from all Member States from the League of Arab States (LAS).

The meeting followed the high-level roundtable organized by the SRSG in New York, during which the LAS Comparative Report on Implementing the Recommendations of the UN Study on Violence against Children was launched. The study provides a comprehensive analytical review of developments in the Arab region and an agenda for action in the future.

The Doha meeting was a significant occasion to share information about recent positive developments on violence prevention and children’s protection therefrom.

“There is a unique opportunity for LAS Member States to build upon the “Actionable Recommendations” identified by the LAS Comparative Report and accelerate progress in the years ahead – both at the regional and national level”, said the SRSG.