Side event at Human Rights Council - Launching of SRSG publication on "Tackling Violence in Schools – Bridging the gap between standards and practice"

Geneva, 6 March 2012 - Within the framework of the debate on the Rights of the Child in the Human Rights Council, the Office of the SRSG, with the support of the Government of Norway and in cooperation with the Council of Europe, Plan International and Child Helpline International, organized a panel discussion on Protecting children from violence in school – Bridging the gap between standards and practice. The event took place at the Human Rights Council, in Geneva, Room XXVII, on 6 March at 1.00pm.

Education has a unique potential to create a positive environment in which non-violent behaviour can be learned, to provide skills that enable people to communicate, negotiate and support peaceful solutions to conflicts. However, in reality, within and around educational settings, both girls and boys continue to be exposed to violence, including verbal abuse, intimidation and physical aggression and, in some cases, sexual abuse.

A new publication entitled Tackling Violence in Schools: A Global Perspective was launched at the event. The objectives of the panel discussion were to raise awareness about the global reality, causes and consequences of violence faced by children in and around schools; to share good practices and strategies on how to prevent and address violence in and around schools and to discuss the importance of cooperation at local, national, regional and international levels.