SRSG Santos Pais welcomes China’s Anti-Family Violence Law

New York, 2 March 2016 -The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, Marta Santos Pais welcomes the coming into effect on 1 March 2016 of the new Anti-Family Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China. The new law is a significant milestone in the recognition, prevention and response to violence against children, including within the family. The law prohibits domestic physical and emotional violence and provides a range of remedies for its victims, while requiring mandatory reporting and response by officials who become aware of incidents of family violence.

“The new law in China is a recognition by the Government that violence against children committed within the family is not a private matter and that all sectors in society have a responsibility towards the protection of children” Santos Pais said. “The law is a decisive contribution to children's protection from all forms of violence and a clear signal that violence against children in the family or indeed anywhere, is not acceptable. With the support of United Nations partners in China, the implementation of the law lays a sound foundation to build a child protection system that promotes zero tolerance of violence against children, and ensure services are in place to address violence wherever it occurs, especially through strengthening and integration of child protection systems at the sub-national level to help identify victims and provide an effective response," she added.