SRSG Santos Pais welcomes the creation of a high level position in Sweden to protect children from trafficking

New York, 5 May 2016 - SRSG Santos Pais today commended the Government of Sweden for the appointment for the first time of an ambassador to combat trafficking in human beings.
“Child trafficking is a serious form of violence that compromises children's rights and needs to be vigorously addressed at national and international levels. I congratulate the Government of Sweden for the creation of this new position designed to prevent, early detect and respond to situations of trafficking, protect the rights of victims and fight impunity.
Putting an end to all forms of violence against children, including trafficking, is a key priority in the new global sustainable development agenda. This goal can only be achieved with the resolve of national governments to put children’s protection from violence at the heart of their action, leaving no child behind. In today's world, the serious risks encountered by unaccompanied children, and asylum seeking, refugee and migrant children call for strong leadership and steady action for the safeguarding of children’s rights in all actions and at all times. I look forward to collaborating closely with Ambassador Per-Anders Sunesson in the promotion of these goals.”