SRSG welcomes the adoption by the Council of Europe of the Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2012-2015) with a reaffirmation of strong commitment to children's protection from violence

New York, 15 February 2012 - The strategy on the Rights of the Child 2012-15 proposes a vision for the Council of Europe’s role and action in this field, taking into account the progress achieved during the two previous policy cycles (the latest one referred to as the Stockholm Strategy), the needs expressed by governments and the challenges identified by the international community. The strategy is the result of extensive consultations with governments, parliamentarians, key international organisations and civil society representatives. It is also based on an analysis of surveys and consultations with children.

In fulfilling its role as a catalyst for the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Europe, the overarching goal in 2012-15 of the Programme “Building a Europe for and with children” will be to achieve effective implementation of existing children’s rights standards. To that end, the programme will provide policy guidance and support to the member states in implementing United Nations and Council of Europe standards, promote a holistic and an integrated approach to children’s rights, and identify measures that will tackle old and new challenges in this field.

The programme will focus on four strategic objectives: promoting child-friendly services and systems; eliminating all forms of violence against children; guaranteeing the rights of children in vulnerable situations and promoting child participation.

The programme will continue to mobilise and co-ordinate the contribution of all Council of Europe bodies and institutions, mainstreaming children’s rights into its monitoring bodies and human rights mechanisms, as well as into all of its policy areas and activities. Furthermore, the programme will co-ordinate and consolidate partnerships with other international organisations, professional networks and civil society at large.