A world as big as children's dreams

New York, 25 September 2015 - As from today, ending violence against children is part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda! We want to celebrate this historic moment with governments, organisations and individuals that have made this possible and call on each and every one of them to keep this commitment at the heart of their work, and to translate it into tangible change for children the world over. At this auspicious moment, we want to congratulate and thank all the children who are passionately and fiercely raising their voices and working hard to transform the world into the place they are dreaming of, a world free from violence. Above all, our minds and hearts are with the millions of children who live in fear and pain. We cannot fail them. Ending violence against children is a human rights imperative and a goal within our reach. It will take vision, determination, courage, perseverance and togetherness to get there. May this journey make us grow into the nurturing and united human family children are dreaming to embrace.

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