Knowledge for Change   Data and Research to inform policy making and strenghten children's protection from violence

Concept note   Agenda



Satra Bruk, Sweden 18-21 June 2012

Chris Mikton, World Health Organization

"Gaps in Data and Research" Presentation

Chris Mikton, World Health Organization

"Building Partnerships" Presentation

Claudia Cappa, UNICEF

"Child Disciplinary Practices at Home"  Presentation

Maria del Carmen Huerta, OECD

"Cross-national Data on Child Maltreatment, Policy & Legislation across the OECD" Presentation

Ummy Mwalimu, Deputy Minister Community Development Gender and Children

"Violence against Children in Tanzania" Presentation

Bernadette Madrid, Child Protection Network Foundation 

"Towards a National Survey on Violence against Children" Presentation

Clara Sommarin, UNICEF

"Evidence from Studies on Violence against Children" Presentation

Olof Flodmark, Karolinska Institute Sweden

"The Baby-shaken Syndrome" Presentation

Staffan Jansson, Academy on the Rights of the Child, Orebro University 

"Reducing Child Maltreatment" Presentation

Cesar Bazan, Plan International

"The Learn without Fear Campaign" Presentation

Bijoy Raychaudhuri, ILO

"Violence in the place where children work" Presentation

Tink Palmer, Stop it Now UK & Ireland

"Violence against Children via New Technologies" Presentation

Johan Martens, Child Helpline International

 "Using Data for International Policy & Research" Presentation

Anne Graham, University of Australia

"Ethical Research with Children" Presentation

Fredrik Malmberg, Ombudsman for Children Sweden 

"Reporting on Children's Views in Sweden" Video

David Finkelhor, University of New Hampshire

"North America: National Survey of Children Exposed to Violence" Presentation

Enrico Besigno, UNODC

"UNODC work on Crime Stats & Analysis at International Level" Presentation

Save the Children

"Child Participation in Researching Violence against Children" Presentation

George Moschos

Deputy Ombudsman Department of Children's Rights, Greece

"Challenges for Preventive Strategies in Schools & Local Communities against Child Abuse & Neglect" Presentation

Child Protection Monitoring & Evaluation Reference Group Presentation

Elisabeth Staksrud, EU Kids Online

University of Oslo

"Bullying and Threats via Internet and Social Media" Presentation


Reference material

Corporal Punishment & other Humiliating Behaviour towards Children in Sweden Publication

Defending Childhood Factsheet

Investing in child ethics website