Dialogues with children


Dialogues with children on the margins of the UN General Assembly 2023


Each year, the SRSG-VAC provides a comprehensive overview of their work, focusing on a specific aspect of violence against children. In this year's report, the spotlight is on the relationship between travel and tourism and violence against children. We aim to educate and engage children by gathering their valuable perspectives and insights, which will directly influence the SRSG's presentation at the United Nations General Assembly 2023.

Collaborating with our civil society partners, the SRSG will conduct dialogues with children, ensuring their voices are heard. These interactive sessions involve presenting a child-friendly version of the report, addressing children's queries, and seeking their thoughts, actions, recommendations, and key messages for decision-makers regarding travel, tourism, and violence against children. The outcomes of these meetings will not only shape the SRSG's presentation to the UNGA but also contribute to the overall efforts of the mandate.

Join us in this important endeavor, as we empower children to make a difference and advocate for a safer world for all children.



When will these dialogues happen?


We recognize the importance of reaching out to children across diverse regions and time zones. To ensure widespread participation and inclusivity, the SRSG will be hosting three distinct dialogues, all designed with the same objectives and methodology.




Date: 23rd September 2023

Time: 1 pm EDT (New York) | 10 am PDT (Los Angeles) | 11 am CST (Mexico City)

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa


Date: 23rd September 2023

Time: 8 am EDT (New York) | 2 pm CEST (Brussels) | 3 pm EAT (Nairobi)

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Asia and the pacific


Date: 22nd September 2023

Time: 10 pm EDT (New York) | 730 am IST (New Delhi) | 9 am ICT (Bangkok)

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