Early Childhood


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Lima, 27 – 28 August 2012

 Marta Santos Pais, Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children

Presentation English Spanish

HE. Ms. Nadine Heredia de Humala, First Lady of Peru Spanish 

Nashieli Ramirez,Mexico City Human Rights Commission

"Measuring Impacts of Community Violence on Young Children"  Presentation Spanish

Marta Maria Alves Silva, Ministry of Health, Brazil

"Using the Health System to Address Violence in Families with Young Children" Presentation Spanish

Costanza Alarcon, Intersectorial Commission on Early Childhood, Presidency of Colombia

"National Response to the Effects of Community Violence on Young Children" Presentation Spanish

Rodrigo Guerrero, Mayor of Cali, Colombia

"City-Wide Violence Prevention Policy" Presentation Spanish

Jandira Feghali, Brazilian Congress

"Working with Elected Officials and Constituents to Address Violence in Young Children's Lives" Presentation Portuguese

Judith Alpuche, Ministry of Human Development Belize

" Responding to the Effects of Community Violence on Pre-Schoolers - The Belizean Experience" Presentation English

Richard Reinhart, USAID

"A Whole Government Appraoch to Addressing Violence in Early Childhood" - Presentation English

Marc Dullaert, The Dutch Ombudsman

" The Role of Ombudspersons in trying to Bridge Political and Public Engagement" Video


Gary Slutkin, Chicago Ceasefire

The Impact of Programmes to Reduce Community Violence on young Children Presentation English

Malika Dutt, Breakthrough TV

" Use of Culture and Media to Address Issues of Violence in Young Children's Lives"  Mindmap


Additional reference material

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Stopping it before it starts -Strategies to address violence in young children's lives

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 Harvard University

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